Chopsticks (2019) – Movie Review

Chopsticks is a comedy-drama film directed and co-written by Sachin Yardi along with Rahul Awate. The film was released on 31 May 2019 worldwide on Netflix.

The film tells the story of Nirma Sahastrabuddhe (Mithila Palkar), an introvert and insecure woman, who is working as a professional Mandarin translator. Her ordinary life takes an unexpected and extraordinary turn when her newly bought car gets stolen on a very first day. After losing all hopes about getting her car back, Nirma seeks the help of an enigmatic con man named as Artist (Abhay Deol), who agrees to help recover her stolen car.

Along with Mithila and Abhay, the film also stars Vijay Raaz as Faiyaaz Bhaai (Don), whose thugs steal the car. The film has a very simple and fresh story but with these three talented actors, the film becomes even more enjoyable. Along with the compelling performances, the film has also given transformative character arcs to the lead characters. The little chemistry between Mithila and Abhay is just cute. The only drawback in the film is that, towards the end, the film becomes a little slower and loses the grip.

Verdict : A light, nice, and fun film to watch.

Rating : 3.4/5

Check the trailer here :

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