Asuran (2019) – Movie Review

Asuran is the Tamil language action thriller film written and directed by Vetrimaaran. The film stars Dhanush and Manju Warrier in the lead roles. It is the second film Vetrimaaran and Dhanush are doing together after Vada Chennai (2018).

The film sets in the remote village in India; When a wealthy landlord family tries to seize the land from a poor family belonging to an underprivileged caste, then the conflict arises and ignites a deadly blood feud between these families. The story of the film is dark and violent at its core with compelling characters. So, if raw violence is not your thing, then you can skip this one, but for the issues which are discussed in this film, it is a must-watch. The film has a similar vibe as that of Rakhta Charitra (2010) with respect to its content.

The performances by characters feel so real and grounded. Especially, Dhanush as Sivasami, a pacifist farmer and father, is just so strong and outstanding. Whenever he came on screen, it was delightful to watch him in this role. The main theme of the film talks about atrocities happening in India based on one’s caste and societal status. The film also shows how the system and law favor the wealthy and privileged class. The film has discussed many topics to grab the audience’s attention with hard-hitting messages. Some of the scenes are just really disturbing uncomfortable to watch.

Vetrimaaran as a director has nicely balanced the realism and commercial aspect of the film. He kept the film raw and real where it is needed. The film is very well directed, and it has some really appreciating long takes and wide-angle shots. During the action sequences, the film becomes stylistic, with unreal slow-motion shots and heightened background music. I would have liked it much more if it could have had the raw action sequences complementing its story. But I must say, I just loved the background score, it made me remember Vikram Vedha (2017).

Verdict : The film is a gripping revenge drama with solid performances and hard-hitting content.

Rating : 4.1/5

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